My Top Rated Games  




 Online(for some, downloading required)


If you love adventure, online games, or just a new addicting game to play, play Runescape.

In Runescape, you can fight different creatures. Train in many skills like, attack, defense,

Crafting jewels, cooking, Magic, mining, fishing, and much more! No matter what type of person

You are, if you have a computer with internet access, you can find something to do in Runescape!




Train in many exciting skills,                     fight wizards, trolls, demons, even unicorns

 and chat with people around the globe!     In vast colorful scenery.




If you are looking for an addicting shooting game, check out Soldat. You must

Be quick at the hands because this is a fast moving game. The Graphics may not be so good, but you can still play an awesome game with great levels with different landscapes, and online play. Also with a wide selection of weapons. So check out Soldat!



Swarm Rampage

Swarm Rampage is a fun game of war and strategy. The catch is you’re fighting with bugs! You must reproduce your army of bugs to take over all other colonies, and become victorious. Each insect has its own skills, from stinging scorpions to artillery ants. This is an exciting and addicting game. To download the free demo of Swarm Rampage, follow this link.


          Great graphics!  (See clearer images)


Tactics Arena

Tactics arena is not one of the most addicting games, but it is a fun game to play when you are board. It is a strategy game like chess, but your pieces attack the others with different spells and maneuvers. Try Tactics Arena out!

 That’s gotta hurt



Fly For Fun! (FlyFF)